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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.


Gregorio Peralta vs Oscar Bonavena Bonavena UD

Time: 8 mins Rounds: 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Peralta looked sharp on the outside with his jab and counters but Ring moved his head well and got inside using his overhand right and left hook. Bonavena looked alot stronger and i was quite impressed with his combos inside.

Jose Stable vs Vince S**** Stable TKO6

Stable: 1,2,4,5 KD'D 2
S****: 2,3
Total: 49-47 Stable (3-1-1) rating: 8/10

A good fight easy to watch and a short one. Stable to me is a bit like Napoles but nowhere near as smooth or as well balanced. He does have similar punch variety and offence. His odd defensive movements helped him out here as S**** started to struggle to find him and Stable kept Shome on the end of a left hook.

Round 2 Stable seemed to be winning but was hit across the ring onto the ropes and the ref counted it as a KD. Round 3 was a war with Stable hurting S**** and backing him up on the ropes for about 30 seconds then S**** came back and rocked Stable and the 2 slugged it out. After that S****s right eye was cut and Stables left hand (hook and uppercut) started to take over for the ref to stop it in the 6th.

Michael Nunn vs James Toney Toney TKO11

Nunn: 2,3,4,6,7 KD'D 11 x2
Toney: 1,5,8,9,10
total: 95-95 Draw (5-5) rating: 7/10

Good fight Nunn was accurate early with fast shots and was out working Toney i felt in rounds 1 and 5 Toney landed the more effective shots despite being outworked. Nunn was looking good an dlanding alot at a high workrate till the 8th when Toneys harder shots started paying off as he turned it up and landed body shots. Toney started to slip more of Nunns shots in the 10th. The 11th was good as Toney landed a huge left hook that dropped Nunn who amazingly got up before being hit with a huge right into the ropes and the ref looked like he jumped in but he never so Toney wacked him againa nd that was that as Nunn slu,mped to his feet.

Soo Hwan Hong vs Yuh Kashara Hong UD

Hong: 2,3,5,6,9,10
Kashara: 1,4,7,8,11,12,13,14,15 KD'D 2,5,9,10x2
total 141-139 Hong (9-6 Kashara) total: 8/10

A good fight. Kashara was the better boxer but Hong seemed to hurt him with counters and give him a rough time with the hooks. Kashara had very good composure even after going down and kept to his gameplan that worked wel at times with long straight shots and counters. Kashara swept the last 5 for me but the KD's were costly and despite winning more rounds he lost on points in a very very good fight.

Carlos Monzon vs Bennie Briscoe 2 Monzon UD

Full rounds: 1,5,6,7,8,9,10,15

Good fight Brisce marched forwards as Monzon picked him off for the most part. I thought briscoe got the better of the 1st round with harder counters after slipping inside Monzons rangy shots. After that i felt Monzon had the necessary punching power and movement to keep Briscoe from advancing sufficiently to do damage inside, until the 9th where briscoe got inside a jab and landed a HUGE right hand that stunned Monzon who was really hurt in the 9th as Briscoe poured it on. The 10th was a big round for Monzon who hurt briscoe with a right hand as he advanced. The 15th i felt was a slight edge for Monzon who took the decision in a good fight.

I think from reading articles Monzon did much the same as in the first fight but IMO he either didnt have the punching power or didnt sit down on his shots enough in teh first fight to keep Briscoe off of him who it seems deservedthe decision.
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