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Default Re: Evander Holyfield is one of the most underated fighters of all time

Originally Posted by ramalinga View Post
Holyfield didn't have one rpime and then a decline, he was going up and down. The Holyfield from the 2nd Lewis fight certainly looked a lot shaprer that the one who struggled with tiny Bobby Chyz. When he beat Tyson, he looked a lot better than when he lost to Moorer.

I don't see him beating Lewis, ever. Lewis was never outpointed and Holyfield didn't have the punch to KO him.
How did he struggle with Czyz? Because he tried to knock him out quickly and couldnt? He stopped him eventually, I would hardly call that struggling and classify more as careless fighting on Holyfields part. Its not like Czyz was a club fighter, and once Holyfield realized he wasnt getting a quick knockout he started setting him up quite easily..
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