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Originally Posted by johnmaff36 View Post
he actually took the title off a neighbour of mine, johnny caldwell, who unfortunately just died recently of throat cancer
I was really sad to hear that Caldwell had passed, it got distressingly little attention - even on an excellent forum like this. You almost never hear him mentioned amongst British world champions these days, and just like Howard Winstone and Ken Buchanan, he was extremely unfortunate that his fighting days coincided with those of arguably the greatest fighter of their respective decade(s).

M2S has summed it up nicely really. Jofre was just a master technician at every range who had and could do everything - Nat Fleischer described him as the mini Robinson, and he wasn't too far wrong. There are some who give him a hard time based on the two razor thin lossed to Harada - in Japan - who often gets pointed out as being the only other true great on Jofre's record. If, however, you consider that this is Harada we're talking about, in Harada's back yard when Jofre was knocking on in years and becoming very drained at the weight, and then take into consideration that Harada had to absorb extraordinary punishment in order to land his own blows, I wouldn't hold those two defeats against Jofre too much. Especially after he came out of retirement to win the featherweight title and end his career with over 50 KO wins and no KO defeats - a rare achievement in any era.

I know several people whose opinions I respect, none of who rate Jofre outside the all time top 25, with some going as far as to put him as high as #10. At bantamweight, only Manuel Ortiz and maybe Ruben Olivares have a fair argument to be ranked above him. But he's a number 1 for me, owing to his longevity and dominance.

And I still stay that Harada's two wins over him are better than any win of Pacquiao's career
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