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Default Re: Evander Holyfield is one of the most underated fighters of all time

Originally Posted by lefthook31 View Post
He was a dominant fighter, but against a weaker core of opposition. In shape means nothing if you have no skills. To me fighting a fat Buster Douglas is far more dangerous than fighting Mike Grant or a guy like Andrew Golota who didnt even want to be the arena.
Holyfield was never a KO puncher because of his size, but that is really meaningless when discussing these two fighters. Lewis never fought anyone near the caliber of a prime Rid**** Bowe, so we dont know how well he would have done, but Lewis certainly didnt fight the caliber of fighters that Holyfield did overall.
Rid**** Bowe's reputation is basically build on his trilogy with Holyfield, they both elevate each other quite a bit. How good Bowe reall was is debatable, but Bowe - Lewis in the Olympics, Bowe - Golota and Lewis - Golota may be hints that Lewis would have handled Bowe quite well. Besides Holyfield gets so much credit for Bowe because of how bravely he fought, but he lost two out of three and won the rematch under the most bizarre circumstances by the smallest margin possible in boxing. I don't agree that a fat Douglas, who only put together all his skills in one fight in his career, was more dangerous than Grant or Golota.
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