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Default Re: Who has best chance of beating prime Larry Holmes

If I had to bet my life savings on the one fighter to beat a peak Holmes it would have to be a peak Ali. All the other fighters mentioned so far certainly COULD beat Holmes but I'd still go with Ali in a chess match/street fight. Thier skillsets are very close. So close in fact that both men may have to engage in a little brawling at times in an attemot to "outmacho" the other and gain something of a psychological edge and I see Ali benefiting most from this. Could go either way though. Of the smaller swarmer type fighters ala Marciano/Frazier/Tyson/Dempsey etc.. I think a prime Frazier has the best chance. Tyson certainly has the speed and power but would get discouraged if he doesn't ko Holmes early. Marciano has the power but not the speed or the reach to consistently land enough. Dempsey seems to have trouble against clever boxers and Hlomes was as clever and bigger and faster than any boxer Jack ever faced. It's either ko Larry early or get outclassed. So once again my pick is Ali. It would be a helluva fight though don't you think?
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