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Default Re: Evander Holyfield is one of the most underated fighters of all time

Originally Posted by ramalinga View Post
Rid**** Bowe's reputation is basically build on his trilogy with Holyfield, they both elevate each other quite a bit. How good Bowe reall was is debatable, but Bowe - Lewis in the Olympics, Bowe - Golota and Lewis - Golota may be hints that Lewis would have handled Bowe quite well. Besides Holyfield gets so much credit for Bowe because of how bravely he fought, but he lost two out of three and won the rematch under the most bizarre circumstances by the smallest margin possible in boxing. I don't agree that a fat Douglas, who only put together all his skills in one fight in his career, was more dangerous than Grant or Golota.
Its not debateable how good Bowe was, he became the undisputed heavyweight champion by beating a proven great fighter. Not even Lewis beat as great a fighter to win his titles. He was never knocked out by anyone on the level of Mcall or Rahman. He wasnt a one hit wonder either. He, as Douglas were certainly better than Grant or Golota who accomplished nothing. What has Golota done other than beat up on a shot Rid**** Bowe and lose? Hes lost every meaningful fight hes ever been in, yet hes always listed as a great win for Lewis because of what he did to Bowe, who you believe might not have been that good.
Frank Bruno, Ray Mercer, and Hasim Rahman showed us just as much about Lewis as Golota did of Bowe, yet Bowe retired with one close loss on his career.
As far as Lewis, he never faced a prime Holyfield, he never faced a prime Bowe, or Tyson, so its all speculation of how he would have done, and based on who he did fight and when, its not as impressive as Holyfield.
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