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Default Re: Joe Calzaghe vs. Ezzard Charles

Can I just say I went to see Calzaghe so I'm no hater. I also think his resume is thin and on a good day he may scraw into my top 100.

Reason being that he has a lot of good attributes, that to be fair didn't get him far against the best fighter he ever faced, and I personally feel Hopkins now is just as formidable in his peak, for slightly different reasons for approaching a decade ago now.

However, Joe is in with a sharper puncher, a better combination puncher, better at mid-range, which negates Calzaghes best attributes, the ability to shift up in pace throughout a fight and change his gameplan.

Calzaghe, who despite being a boxer was an aggresive fighter is going to be getting hit by one of the fighters who had amongst the best punching form I've ever seen on film. His resume is filled with names, numerous of which would beat Calzaghe as efficiently as I'm predicting for Charles.

Round 5 stoppage, Charles, dictating the pace at centre ring, with Calzaghe probing with his jab, lands a left hook off his own jab and floors Calzaghe. Who tries to get up but can't clear his head and falls back to his knee, counted out and decisively beaten.

Calzaghe holds no advantages.
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