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Default Re: If Paquiao KOs Mayweather...

Originally Posted by Addie View Post
...And possibly stop him dead. Manny cannot expect to find success in standing in front of Mayweather as he did against Miguel Cotto.

Pac has shown an almost predatory inclination to toy with opponents by beating them at their own game. It's not enough to tattoo their faces, he needs to put his mark on their confidence in the form of a territorial ****-stain.

His ill-advised standing and trading with Cotto was, IMO, a strategic boon that helped advance Miguel's mental deterioration. Pac was probably hoping that the "fight or flight" response in his prey would lead to a slugfest that he, with he and Roach's confidence in his absolutely unreal chin, would be sure to win. Instead Cotto opted for the comfortable embrace of "flight", and this delay in plans clearly annoyed Pacquiao. So he hit him even harder whenever he got the chance.
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