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Default Making a living out of boxing

I often contemplate turning into a profesional boxer , and make a living out of fighting taxi drivers and just build a career based on fighting bums.

1) I won't have to go in the ring with real threatening opponents
2) I will make a decent wage with say about 10-12 fights per year, and gradually earn more money after beating say (x) amount of fighters..
3) I already have some talent, just need to work on my fitness
4) I 've had amateur fighting experience , and plenty of years of sparring
5) Just keep fighting bums in Australia -the likes of overseas thai's and filo's with 0-15 records
6) I'd say I'm a pretty boring fighter to watch, as I like to see a boxing fight as a chess match, rather than a brawl,so I don't think I'll be a real crowd pleaser, but just be on the undercard of big fighters..
7) If the opportunity arises for any opponent with a decent record to challenge me, I'd make up some excuse that I have an injury and can't fight him..
Try to prevent my face getting squashed by constantly running around the ring..and just using my jab , in and out..

I think it could possibly work......
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