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Default Re: Who did you have winning, J L Ramirez vs Edwin Rosario

Originally Posted by My2Sense View Post

Rosario was supposed to be "the next Duran" or "the next Wilfredo Gomez" after he KO'd Viruet, but those fights blew it for him. Those fights would always cloud his reputation, even after his big win over Bramble.
I know that Livy Bramble turned out to be a lemon after his '86 loss to Rosario on HBO, and that in itself is a whole different tale in which I will not go into at this time..... Fact is, Bramble never really rebounded after losing his WBA title to Rosario.... His career sagged in and out up until 1990 or '91....... By 1992, Bramble was a washed-up pug holding onto a cloudy dream..........

HOWEVER! I swear.... I have the fight on tape....... I do believe that Bramble took a thumb in the eye as he was against the ropes in the second round with Rosario..... Roasario came in with an uppercut that caught Bramble, but Roasario's thumb looked like it went into Bramble's eye-socket...... Bramble immediately flinched and looked stunned / blinded...... Then Rosario went on the attack and landed the kitchen sink on Bramble........ Bramble went down and looked like he was praying to one of his Rasta God's.... Upon rising at around the ref's count of 10, Bramble's eyes' were closed and he motioned he was blinded / thumbed........ Bramble did get his ass kicked, but he did take a thumb from Roasario.........

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