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Default Re: If Paquiao KOs Mayweather...

Originally Posted by Addie View Post
If you could throw any active fighter out there who has the style to present real problems for Manny, it would be Floyd Mayweather, even above a Shane Mosley. Mosley is there to be hit, always has been, whereas Floyd's defensive capabilities speak for itself. Many accomplished fighters in the past have failed to land even a significant blow on him. Pacquoao is dynamic, throws a variety of punches from an assortment of angles, but I'll think he'll find himself surprised at how much Floyd's counters are going to effect him.
Yeh, & in the same breath we'll soon find out about Floyd once he's been whacked early a few times as well, that Cotto fight has now convinced Roach that Manny can take a shot from a hard hitting world class WW & Floyd ai'nt that heavy of hand. That Freedy Roach is one smart ****yst, they've got plan a/b/c/ & some, i'am still stunned at what he did to Cotto & thats another pile of $$$$ down the pan. Yeh the fight was even & bang!!! Cotto's dropped, incredible.

They'll make Floyd fight every second, they'll try & take him out early, but you've just got to take yer hat off too this little feller, he is one amazing fighter & now that Roach has said 50/50 at 147 then we've got a blockbuster on our hands & Floyds going to have his hands full thats as long as Kenny Bayless refs it of co****.

Obviously 100% common fistic sense points to a Floyd shutout but the way that Team Pacquiao go about their biz it's obvious they are more than confident about getting the KO/TKO or they would'nt take the fight as i don't see Roach putting Manny in harms way by taking on a fight that he did'nt think Manny could win
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