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Default Re: If Paquiao KOs Mayweather...

Originally Posted by duranimal View Post
Yeh, & in the same breath we'll soon find out about Floyd once he's been whacked early a few times as well, that Cotto fight has now convinced Roach that Manny can take a shot from a hard hitting world class WW & Floyd ai'nt that heavy of hand. That Freedy Roach is one smart ****yst, they've got plan a/b/c/ & some, i'am still stunned at what he did to Cotto & thats another pile of $$$$ down the pan. Yeh the fight was even & bang!!! Cotto's dropped, incredible.

They'll make Floyd fight every second, they'll try & take him out early, but you've just got to take yer hat off too this little feller, he is one amazing fighter & now that Roach has said 50/50 at 147 then we've got a blockbuster on our hands & Floyds going to have his hands full thats as long as Kenny Bayless refs it of co****.

Obviously 100% common fistic sense points to a Floyd shutout but the way that Team Pacquiao go about their biz it's obvious they are more than confident about getting the KO/TKO or they would'nt take the fight as i don't see Roach putting Manny in harms way by taking on a fight that he did'nt think Manny could win
Even if it represents a 4 million dollar payday for Roach?
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