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Default Re: John Conteh vs. Willie Pastrano

If Willie had been a bit more dedicated in his training, and fought every bout with the same purity of purpose that he displayed against Harold Johnson, never mind that it was a close, disputed decision, he would have basically covered himself in glory...he was a real purist stylewise, and had a great chin, great legs, and could "tattoo his name and address" on an opponents face...he would have topped Conteh, as good as he was, boxing-wise, and it would have been Conteh's task to catch and impose his will on Pastrano, which was easier said than done when, like I say, he was in top shape. Pastrano influenced Muhammad Ali with his speedy footwork and defensiveness, and he had extremely fast hands and the previously mentioned chin, but he also had an absolute terror of being hit, because that messed up his stuff with the ladies, which was as important, if not more so than his boxing career.
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