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Default Re: John Conteh vs. Willie Pastrano

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea View Post
Two of the most skilled LHW stylists I've ever seen. Pastrano was a larger fighter in the Pep/Dupas mold, while Conteh was a smooth boxer-puncher in the Napoles mold. I could see Pastrano getting the better of the bout were he to force Conteh to lead throughout (if perhaps Conteh was limited to boxing with the left as he was at times during his career, such as against Yaqui Lopez), provided Conteh didn't turn up the pressure and get to work on Pastrano in close. Conteh was much better at that than Johnson was. I think Conteh at his best could've taken it, though it would've been an excellent technical affair.
GREAT description of Pastrano's and Conteh's styles Pea..right on the money....what great stock to draw upon, with Pep/Dupas and Napoles.
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