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Default A fair system for working out who is the best boxer head to head ?

From a classic posters perspective if we look at both boxers resumes and register the various wins and losses and then swap each boxers opponents around, predicting the wins and losses, then add up the totals, this will say who the better head to head boxer is, they probably need to be in the same weight class.

Lets compare Calzaghe and Hopkins, Calzaghe is 46-0-0 and Hopkins is 49-5-1 these records are their records they are set in stone, now lets give Calzaghe, Hopkins opponents :- obviously Calzaghe beats Clinton Mitchell and I say he would have beaten Jermain Taylor twice and also Calzaghe would have beaten Mercado twice, since Calzaghe could not have fought himself if he had faced Hopkins opposition he would have had a record of 53 wins and 1 defeat {Roy Jones}, if Hopkins had faced Calzaghes opponents he would have beaten them all except a prime Kessler and Roy Jones {I think an old Jones beats an old Hopkins}, Bika and Lacy would have given Hopkins trouble in 2006 ,Hopkins had lost twice to Jermain Taylor in 2005, but all the same I will credit Bernard with the wins, so considering that Hopkins could not fight himself if he had fought Calzaghes opposition ,Hopkins would have ended up with a record of 43 wins and 2 defeats.

Giving a grand total off :-
Calzaghe fought 100 won 99 lost 1 {a young Roy Jones}
Hopkins fought 100 won 92 lost 7 {Roy Jones x2 young & old, Taylor x2, Clinton Mitchell, Calzaghe, Kessler} and 1 draw {Mercado}

No question who is the better head to head there ?.

Do it yourself use your own predictions, do it for other boxers, what do the great and the good of the classic forum think ?, could this system be used to compare Louis v Ali at Heavy, Moore v Charles at Light-Heavy, Sugar Ray Robinson v Greb at Middle, Sugar Ray Leonard v Armstrong at Welter, Benny Leonard v Duran at Light, Pep v Saddler at Feather, Jofre v Olivares at Bantam and Wilde v Benny Lynch at Fly.

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