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Default Re: Strength conditioning for boxing

This is some great stuff man. I've been doing alot of bears combined with jumping rope using the tabatha method. I feel great, and stronger even though I'm a couple pounds lighter.

Most of my life I've been fit. I use to bodybuild, train for "track", and other stuff, but these workouts are amazing. I use to be able to lift so much weight, but I felt no where near as good as I do with these workouts. I also use to run 8 miles everyday, but I've cut that down now since I have two jobs, finishing college, and a girlfriend.

My workout goes like this:

Monday: Run 4 miles. Bear excercises. Jump rope.

I jump rope as fast as I can for 20 secs, then rest 10 secs, repeat 8 times.

I do this twice, all after 4 miles.

Then 1 set of 4 reps of bears using pretty heavy weight

3 minute jump rope

Repeat above 6 times.

Workout abs, bicycles, crunches, side-to-side weighted crunches, sit-ups

jump rope for about 5-10 minutes

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: repeat monday workout

Thursday: run 8 miles, light jump rope. Light ab workout

Friday: repeat monday workout

Saturday: light jog (basically for fun)

I actually enjoy running

My goals are basically to stay strong but as light as I can be. I want to stay in pretty good shape so by Jan-Feb have enought time to train for an am fight.

Do you consider this a good workout?

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