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Default Re: VBookies, report here (MASTER LIST WITHIN)

Thats a great basic tutorial yes. The idea of the master list is good, keeps us from stepping on each others feet. Obviously there will be fights in the UK that the lads in the US may not know of, ie-Barker v El**** this weekend and vice versa.

About the betting options :

I think the option 'X by KO/TKO' or 'Y by Decision' is appealing the average poster who posts on ESB. Everyone is always talking about how 'Jimmy J will get knocked out by Billy B' and its a chance for those who accurately predict fights to make the big vCash.

You could add in the Under/Over option also...that would be no hassler

Thats my opinion anyways and its more interesting i think..

TYSON V ALI are fighting
I propose these options.

* Tyson
* Ali
* Draw

* Tyson by decision
* Tyson by KO/TKO
* Ali by decision
* Ali by KO/TKO

* Under
* Over

Thats only 9 options.....its not hard work for most fights, ok if its a small fight you wouldnt have to include all of them.

But i think the attitude on here is that people loves to be right and with options like Over 7.5 / by KO / by decision...we are giving the punter many different methods to win and lose.

It will make for interesting reading in the cash table in regards of who leads it!
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