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Default Re: VBookies, report here (MASTER LIST WITHIN)

The problem with that, Healy, is that while it's interesting, those detailed odds are not always available. The four-option odds are virtually universal, you'll find them on every big fight (and even more obscure fights that have odds listed...or sometimes, very rarely it'll just be listed as a two-option format with the winner's names but not the over/under).

If more online sports books had all those detailed bet options I'd be for it. But for consistency, since it's highly unlikely we'll find such detailed odds available for the majority of fights, it seems more prudent to me to keep it simple with the four-option system (which is always available, and ultimately includes any picks someone may make; ie rather than bet "Pavlik by KO in the tenth" they can split up their cash, some on Pavlik to win and some on the under 11.5).
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