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Default Re: Should there be an age limit in boxing ?

Originally Posted by Duodenum View Post
I'd be more in favor of a minimum age, as it seems to me that most related cases of dementia occur in boxers who started getting hit in the head well before their brains were fully developed. Frazier was a crouching swarmer (like Dempsey and Marciano), a style with a short shelf life, so I don't consider him or those of his ilk when pondering questions like this.

Ali, Benitez and the Quarrys all started when they were very young.

Holmes, Foreman and Moore were relatively mature when they chose to take up the sport. Griffith got into it when he was older as well. If they were pressed into boxing by a pushy parent as early as Benitez and the Quarrys were, then they too might either be dead by now or sitting half comatose and drooling in a wheelchair. (We all know Griff's current problems didn't come from his long career in boxing, but from a back alley bashing long after he retired.)
Some really good observations and thoughts. However, you are never going to get Mexico or the Philippines to adhere to a minimum age requirement. A lot of those guys fight to eat or at least the prospect of feeding their families.
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