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Default Re: From the point of view of the victim's durability, what are the most impressive k

Originally Posted by Duodenum View Post
Robinson was always very candid about counting on the expectation that LaMotta would be weight drained for the Valentine's Day Massacre. He stopped Jake with attrition. Fullmer was a different story.

In the earliest telecasts of Robby's middleweight fights, commentators expressly state that he's not a one punch knockout artist at 160. Then, he suddenly puts down an attacking Graziano for the count with a single right hand, and Fullmer with a single hook, both times in a situation where his opponent has all the momentum. Robinson-Fullmer II is the only reason we don't compare Gene's chin with Jake's.

Benvenuti-Rodriguez and Hearns-Duran are obvious choices, but again, Nino did it with a single punch in a situation he was on the brink of losing.

What RJJ did to Hill was stunning, although Virgil did somehow manage to beat the count. (It should properly be recorded as a Referee Stops Contest, or TKO, but boxWRECK still has it listed as a KO. Of course, that's issboxWRECK.)
Yey but Hill was hurt badly and his ribs were broken,there is no way he would have been able to continue.
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