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Default Re: Were your parents supportive?

My parents aren't really afraid of me boxing, and all the guys in my family have boxed, however, I have always been driven to make something of myself and make a good life for myself. So the issue has always been: do you want to be a boxer? If so, what titles do you have, who have you beat etc. If you aren't an amateur star then don't bother and focus on other careers. Once that is established, I always get told that if I'm not going to go pro, I spent too much time training, which detracts me from focusing 100% on the options that will earn me $. I'm 19, and have been living by myself for several years already, however, I still respect my parents immensly for all they sacrificed to get me a decent life and to give me options sacrificing a lot of their own lives, so I really don't want to let them down. The way I reacted to this was to become very disciplined, have days which start at 4am, and to try to do both college, work and training almost full time at the same time. In the last year I just burned out and underperformed in all three, so it has really made me think.
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