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Default Re: Benitez vs McCallum At 154

Originally Posted by gooners!! View Post
Kalambay was quicker than Benitez imo, he also used the ring differently than Benitez imo, Benitez used tight little turns and stayed closer to his man.

McCallum also avenged that loss to Kalambay.

Benitez head movement would not be as effective either, not against a man renowned for hitting the body to find the head.
Palomino, a noted body puncher, had a lot of trouble trying to find Benitez's body. So did Duran.

McCallum barely beat Kalambay and that was after Kalambay had already been KO'd in one by Nunn. He was never the same afterwards in my opinion although he was still capable. He was a slow starter before but after Nunn, Kalambay began to get floored in the early rounds in many of his fights. We saw what happened when Kalambay at his best fought McCallum at his best.

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