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Default Re: Benitez vs McCallum At 154

Originally Posted by TheGreatA View Post
Palomino, a noted body puncher, had a lot of trouble trying to find Benitez's body. So did Duran.

McCallum barely beat Kalambay and that was after Kalambay had already been KO'd in one by Nunn. He was never the same afterwards in my opinion although he was still capable. He was a slow starter before but after Nunn, Kalambay began to get floored in the early rounds in many of his fights. We saw what happened when Kalambay at his best fought McCallum at his best.

Difference being that McCallum does not fall in when he goes to the body, Duran used to wrestle the opponent before going to the body, he does not work his shots to the body off his combination's or jab like McCallum did, that is the sign of a good body puncher.

Thats right and Kalambay was a helluva fighter, Nunn got lucky and would of had major trouble with him imo if he had not scored that early KO.

Benitez was no where near as illusive as people try to make out imo, he could be caught if you could follow up your attacks. Benitez was good at slipping the first few but he got nailed against Hearns, Hilton trying to show how adept he was at slipping punches, Moore was catching him and Moore was not going to the body( before the ankle injury), he also got nailed against Leonard when Leonard followed up, Curry moped the canvas with him, now i know you will say he was past his best when he lost to Hilton but still ...

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