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Default Re: How to beat Henry Armstrong!

Originally Posted by sug****an View Post
Pernell Whitaker

constantly use the jab
use the ring to not allow Armstrong to get set
punches in bunches and get out of the way
stand your ground when needed
Maybe. But Nelson and Chavez both had some success in closing the gap, even though Whitaker was able to win fairly comprehensively in the end, inside as well as out. Armstrong though is a different kettle of fish to both those men in that he closed the gap much quicker and operated at closer range at a much higher rate.

Then again, Whitaker was masterful on the inside himself, though in a different way to Armstrong. He was a top body puncher too, especially with the southpaw hook, which might have been a good way to slow Armstrong down. Left uppercuts too. Then again, consider that Armstrong was able to nullify Garcia's bolo uppercuts and body punches whilst throwing him around into the bargain, and it doesn't make me too confident.

I tend to agree with Manassa concerning Williams. Even more so than Duran I think.
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