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Default Re: Barney Ross is a top ten all-time great

Originally Posted by My2Sense View Post
I'd rate Ross over both Pep and Gans, and possibly Moore as well. Ross was just as great as them in his prime weight class but also had more success at the higher ones.
It's arguable, but just sticking to Gans, I think he definitely has a better resume than Ross in any one weight class he competed in. At or around lightweight Gans has wins against the likes of Young Griffo, Jack Blackburn, Dave Holly, Battling Nelson, Frank Erne, Jimmy Britt, Kid McPartland, Wilmington Jack Daly, George Elbows McFadden, Dal Hawkins, William Kid Parker, Bobby Dobbs, Mike Twin Sullivan - many of these guys being beaten multiple times.

Ross on the other hand has wins against Tony Canzoneri, Sammy Fuller, Billy Petrolle, Ray Miller, Battling Battalino, Frankie Klick and Henry Woods at or around lightweight and wins against Jimmy McLarnin, CeFerino Garcia, and Izzy Jannazzo at or around welterweight.

I think even taking their resumes as a whole I'd give Gans the edge, even though Ross has the better single wins (Canzoneri & McLarnin). Gans' quantity is hard to deny for me. He beat everyone and then beat them over again.

As far as dominance goes I'd say they were fairly equal.

Ross did better in more weight classes, but I'd counter that argument by saying Gans did better in a single weight class than any weight Ross was in. Also, by and large the argument about Ross doing well across multiple weight classes doesn't hold THAT much sway with me because by and large he wasn't fighting big natural welters there anyway.
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