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Default Re: The Moon-Galaxy Rivalry

Originally Posted by fleaman View Post
Yours was quality Al.

How do you think Galaxy matches up with 'the best'? Who's the best fighter you'd pick him to beat?

Dunno, it's really hard to say. Great chin, good puncher, economical style. There isn't much to judge him by looking at his opponents, though the Vasquez fight was a good win. I really think Moon was made for him. Harada was similar to Moon but with more finesse. Harada's aggression would be more controlled. I think Moon was probably a bigger puncher than Harada and so Masahiko would settle down to boxing a bit more, picking his moments to score points and take a decision. Olivares might struggle a bit more depending on which version shows up. If he takes it to Galaxy he could be in for a shock. I do see him boxing as well, there is always the chance he might tag Khaokor and if he gets him in trouble it could be game over. I think Orlando Canizales could out work him. To beat him I think you've got to be able to mix your attack, box him. Prime Rose could probably pull it off. Castillo 50/50. He might beat Herrera, Martinez, Zamora and Lujan. Zarate to beat him but Pintor would be a war. Davila could give him problems, beautiful boxer that he was. Thinking about it maybe Lujan as well.
Anyway, just noticed the Davila Lujan fight is up, think I'll watch it.
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