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Default Re: Marvin Hagler vs Jake LaMotta at Middleweight

Originally Posted by Dave's Top Ten View Post
Bad stylistic matchup? Really? I think you may be basing that on one fight - Antuofermo I - where Vito put up a good show while getting handily outpointed (in the land of reality). I personally can't think of a better style matchup for Hagler, quite frankly.

Jake was exceptional at what he did, though. No way is it an easy fight for anyone, and the only way it gets stopped is on cuts. Barring cuts, Hagler wins on points with no controversy, but he'd have his work cut out.

I seen some trouble with an older blown up Duran on the inside, Jake was naturally bigger and stronger than Duran. I dont think Hagler can hurt Jake and Yes the 1st Antufermo fight also sticks out but Jake was more of an acurate puncher than Vito and punched more Vito was strong but a grappler and mauler. I think the fights would be close but Jake wins.
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