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Default PugilistStudent's Training Log


2x3 minutes maize bag (:30 rest)
4x3 minutes shadowboxing (:30 rest)
1 lap fartlek run around the resovoir, shorter path

:03 isometric punch @ start, mid-way, and 90% extension (jab, straight)
10 Punches
x 5

:03 isometric punch @ start, and mid-way (left/right hook, left/right uppercut)
10 punches
x 3

20:00 Jump Rope
3x3 minute rounds rope drill
4x3 minute rounds shadowboxing
3x3 minute rounds heavybag
5x3 minute rounds double end bag
2x3 minute rounds partner defense drill (he throws, I defend)
3x3 minute rounds speed bag
Lazed around, watched sparring for a while
6 rounds of 10x10 drill on heavybag, :30 just movement around heavybag (rest)
300 Medicine ball slams on abs (150 middle, 75 on either side)
200 Weighted Yes's (off ring)
200 Weighted No's (off ring)
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