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Default Re: Moon vs Fenech

Difficult one...Fenech is the bigger guy and has better overall skills. For at least a portion of this fight I see Jeff muscling the fight where he wants it and landing more often.

But Moon is quite simply a wrecking ball..One of the hardest p4p punchers of alltime..His super aggressive style clashing with Fenech's aggressive style something is going to happen. Fenech is hitting the deck or at least getting wobbled a few times and that might totally change the dynamic of the fight. Might force him to be quite timid but then again he might just fire up and make the right adjustments.

Whether he can hold on and maybe grind out a decision Im not sure...Because Jeff had a pretty decent beard at these weights whilst the cutting wasnt effecting him adversely. But decent, good, very good even excellent chins could be dented by a guy like Moon, he didnt even need to land clean to knock you out.
Its going to be a war....maybe I side with Fenech here though.
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