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Default Re: great chinned fighters vs devasting punchers with not so good chins

Julio Cesar Chavez's sickening beatdown of Edwin Rosario. Rosario's chin was alright, Chavez could take a great shot with his abnormally sized cranium.

Chavez's wins over Roger Mayweather can also apply.

Tommy Hearns's chin was sort of shaky, more so when he got up to 160. He often gets more flack for it than I think is fair, but certainly it's not top of the line. He knocked out a great chinned fighter in Roberto Duran, but lost to guys with terrific chins like Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler.

An old Muhammad Ali was fortunate to retain his title on points against Earnie Shavers. More than any fight I think, Ali showed his ability to take hard shots to the head (Zaire and Manila showed more of his great ability to take body shots IMO).

Felix Trinidad was knocked down pretty often, the only ones I thought he was hurt were Cortes, Hopkins, and Jones (maybe Vargas as well). Sometimes it was balance issues, overall I'd say his chin was average. Yori Boy Campas had a great chin, but unfortunately **** defense. Tito teed off on Campas and nearly knocked his head off, that last left hand was vicious. Ricardo Mayorga had a great chin, but got hit so many times by Trinidad. Eventually though, it took a body shot to first put Mayorga to the canvas.

Jose Luis Castillo & Diego Corrales's two fights.
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