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Default Re: great chinned fighters vs devasting punchers with not so good chins

Ali vs Norton(not a devastating puncher but very good puncher).
Barrera vs Jones
Duran vs Hearns
Mccallum vs Curry(not glass but slightly below average)
Chavez vs Mayweather
Tex Cobb vs Shavers
J.Gonzalez vs Letterlough
Carbajal vs Chiquita
Lockridge vs Mayweather
Castro vs Norris
O Canizales vs Jones
Foreman vs Moorer
Foreman vs Morrison
Tua vs Rahman
Villasana vs J.Garza
Zack Padilla vs Mayweather
Ali vs Cooper
Ali vs WIlliams
Tyson vs Bruno
Holyfield vs Lewis
I can think of more thats just a quick reply but the best was an earlier post who mentioned Lamotta vs Satterfield. Also for whoever can't tell the the difference Great chins are named first BIg punchers weak chins second

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