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Default Re: Azumah vs JC Chavez

Originally Posted by My2Sense View Post
I always went against the grain and thought Nelson could win this one. Granted, Nelson did have his share of troubles with Martinez, Suarez, etc. at 130, but then Chavez had his hands full holding off LaPorte(which I thought could've gone either way) and Lockridge.

Shame these two basically just missed each other, although Nelson was always eying this fight.
Well like i mentioned earlier I dont think Chavez was at his peak yet,Lockridge was competetive but I thought Chavez won convincingly, the Laporte fight was pretty close but i had Chavez. Remember that Azumah got a gift against Fenech. Went 1-2-1 against Leija should have been 1-3(Leija deserved the win) and the 1st Ruelas fight could have gone either way, but no shame in that cause i think Ruelas and Leija were unerrated fighters. Bottom Line looking at there resumes and tapes(most important) I think Chavez would have taken him at JL
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