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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log

Originally Posted by RDJ View Post
I train in the Netherlands, my record is 0-1 (Amateur) thanks to a close loss. Next match is next Saturday so I hope that's 1-1 soon. My ambition is to have at least a few more fights before they force me to quit (I'm a late starter, 33 years old now). Style is boxer, normally very jab happy but that's in sparring so we'll see if I can take that into the actual fight.
Best of luck with that, you certainly put the sparring in so Im sure you'll do fine. Im an exercise physiology student so if you have any questions about training for anything just let me know. Theres a masters division btw so you'll still be able to continue boxing but I bet thered be alot fewer opponents to choose from.


2x3 rounds maize bag (:30 rest)
4x3 rounds shadowboxing (:30 rest)

3 minute rounds of the following (1:00 rest):
Sprint 30m
Backpedal 30m
Sprint 30m
Strafe (left) 30m
Sprint 30m
Strafe (right) 30m
Sprint 30m
Walk 30m

Round 1: 17 Lengths
Round 2: 17 Lengths
Round 3: 15 Lengths (+1 small improvement, still have to get my conditioning back)

6x10 forward tuck jumps over cones
2x5 depth jumps
2x5 forward depth jumps onto boxes
1x5 forward long jumps over boxes

-Thats the only plyometrics worth recording since the rest was kinda all over the place as we did different exercises so its hard to quantify. This was done in my resistance training lab.

200 Resisted Jabs (strong band)
50 Jabs
200 Resisted Crosses (strong band)
50 Crosses

4x3 shadowboxing

4 rounds of: (no rest)
20 kneeling rollouts
20 standing band twists per side

-Boxing gym isnt open and neither is the gymnasium (basketball game) so no jumping rope.
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