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Default Re: Henry Armstrong vs Floyd Mayweather at Welter

Originally Posted by anarci View Post
As far as resumes and ATG status Armstrong is clearly above FLoyd. Although on a HTH matchup this is a pretty even matchup,you mentioned Mayweather's lack of Power I think his power is very underrated, and he hits a hell of a lot harder than Barney Ross(although different styles) At Welter I think Im gonna take Floyd here at the Lower weights I think they are pretty evenly matched.
On my ATG list though Floyd has got to beat Pac and Mosley to even be talked about with "Hammerin Hank".
Mayweather is not a puncher. Period.

He threw everything in his ****nal at Gatti and couldn't even knock him down except with a cheap shot, beat N'Dou with right hand after right hand after right hand until N'Dou just didn't wanna continue, and was bouncing left right hook combinations off Marquez's head only to leave him a little scuffed up.

Mayweather certainly doesn't have the power to knock Armstrong out, nor the style to implement it.
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