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Default Re: Henry Armstrong vs Floyd Mayweather at Welter

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
Armstrong is made to measure for Mayweather and would get neutralised and coutnered silly, on the inside Mayweather is actually better than Armstrong and would use the right elbow block counter uppercut to good effect. Mayweather has fought similar fighters in Chavez, Hatton and Castillo. Castillo and Hatton were both significantly bigger and stronger than Armstrong and when it comes to pressure fighters this is a significant advantage, because Armstrong wouldnt be able to push Mayweather around the same way, take his punch as easily or hurt him in the same way because hes weaker. Chavez had a similar workrate throwing 100punches round on round. None were quite as skilled but Armstrong presents nothing that Mayweather hasnt seen and hes never had such a size advantage over a pressure fighter as this match up presents

Now Mayweather is also the bigger stronger man, 4 inches taller with similar a reach advantage. Also he has massive speed and defensive advanatages. So he can hold his ground, pick Armstrong off from range, hurt Armstrong and start being more offensive than he usually is.

If this fight happened today Mayweather would be criticised for picking on a midget 130lber
I don't agree that Castillo, Chavez and Hatton are similar. They are schooled in the modern, get hit in the face style of pressure fighting.
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