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Default Re: Marvin Hagler vs Jake LaMotta at Middleweight

Originally Posted by JohnThomas1 View Post
You couldn't be more wrong here.

Duran for once in his life was getting outdone on the inside. Well, hardly surprising considering where Duran had orginally come from and Hagler being a natural Middleweight. Size had to tell eventually.

Duran found himself outgunned on the inside so fought a decent but conservative fight from the outside. Hagler could have and i believe should have put more pressure on, particularly after his biggest round of the fight came from aggressiveness but he got home quite ok.

But yes, it was Duran who initiated an outside battle.

Hagler then let him.
The only time I saw Hagler bein the aggressor was at the end of the fight, and he didn't land ****.

I don't know what you saw, but I saw a guy tryin to use his size advantage to seal the deal, but mostly just waistin energy.

Basically everything you said, is prusumptuous as if you feel like you're better than Hagler. "He should have put more pressure on."

He didn't put more pressure on for a reason, because in the begginging of the fight Duran was too quick and too good on the inside, and Hagler would have taken some shots he didn't need to take.

Throughout almost the entire duration of the fight, Duran was the aggressor, and it wasn't until the end when Hagler decided to use his size advantage against a weary Duran. Even then, I didn't see anything of much significance get through.

You might as well start off all of your statements, with, "You know if the sky was green, you would be totally wrong."

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