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Default Re: did henry armstrong defend his lower titles after winning the ww title?

Originally Posted by motownsiu View Post
i was wondering after winning the welterweight title did he ever drop back down and fought at lw and fw. if he did , that's even more impressive than pac. i'm a huge pac fan by the way so i hope i don't get any bashing from the pac fans. i can't see pac making 135, 130,126 anymore. i think the lowest he will go is 140.
Pacquiao, in my eyes, has a long way to go before he's even in the same stratosphere as Armstrong, who beat end-of-year RING rated contenders 75 times over the course of his career - and this is before all the ABC federations and ratings we recognise today.

Armstrong in 1937 alone went 27-0 with 26 knockouts - and this is after he'd reached the top level. From '37 until '40, he went 59-1-1, both loss and draw controversial, with 51 knockouts, including a defence of the lightweight title and eighteen defences of the welterweight title, despite usually weighing in as little more (or sometimes less) than a lightweight. It took a Hall of Fame welterweight to eventually stop the natural 130lbs Armstrong by cutting his by-that-point worn and scarred eyes with his thumbs, head and laces, blinding him.

He beat ten Hall of Famers (thus far - a couple of his other opponents may soon be inducted) a total of thirteen times.

I really don't think Pacquiao should be mentioned in the same sentence as Armstrong yet, unless it contains the phrase 'lesser version of.'
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