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Default Re: What would your all time Fantasy Fight Card Be?

Originally Posted by fleaman View Post
Tiger vs Lamotta (WOW!)

Also, ain't seen the Driscoll footage that has been making you wet your pants the last few weeks. Explanation (sorry to thread starter, hopefully you will find this interesting nonetheless) and is it on the tube?
Its quality Driscoll is one of the most impressive fighters i have ever seen.

Originally Posted by fleaman View Post
Teeto, even better is Yuh vs Gushiken, pure scientific brilliance
****ing hell, thats a hell of a fight. I think Chang would beat up Gushiken but this would be close with Gushiken getting it Close UD IMO.


Heavy: Holmes vs Frazier
Cruiser: Toney vs Haye
Light Heavy: Charles vs Foster
Super Middle: Benn vs Calzaghe
Middle: Tiger vs Monzon
Light Middle: Emile Griffith vs Mike McCallum
Welter: Napoles vs Basilio
Light Welter: Locche vs Loi
Light: Duran vs Ortiz
Super Feather: Arguello vs Chavez
Feather: Pep vs Pedroza
Super Bantam: Wilfredo Gomez vs Isreal Vasquez (no matter who you put Gomez in with its great to wathc)
Bantam: Rose vs Jofre
Super Fly: Cannae think
Fly: Perez vs Harada
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