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Default Re: Marvelous Marvin Hagler appreciation thread

Originally Posted by brownpimp88
Who did walker and loughran beat prior to fighting bogash, o yeah nobody. Nunn was far more talented than all of those fighters you just listed, old school nuthuggery at its finest. Nunn accomplished more at middleweight than benvenuti did, god stop showing bias towards italian fighters. Not only is nunn more talented than nino, hes much bigger and faster, he would have kicked his ass with relative ease.

What´s that for a ****? Shall I say Nunn is better than Benvenuti legacy-wise (and head-to-head) although it isn´t so, only because I´m Italian? I could also say you just say Nunn is better because you´re black...

nothing new on this forum, when somebody doesn´t know anymore how he can answer, he use this tactic ("You´re a hater!" or "You just say that because you´re from that country!", etc.), find something better, kiddie...

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