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Default Re: Marvin Hagler vs Jake LaMotta at Middleweight

Originally Posted by Dave's Top Ten View Post
Dunno about that Bummy. Duran caused problems for Hagler because he chose to fight on the outside which Hagler (and most people) didn't expect. Actually Hagler's best moments came when he decided to forget trying to counter Duran and took it to the inside eg rounds 6,7,14,15. Not that I'm trying to compare LaMotta and Duran at middleweight. In most cases Hagler ate up fighters coming to him, Hamsho, Sibson for example.

I'm not disagreeing with you that it would be a tough battle, but I just don't think the styles make it tough for Hagler. It would be Lamotta that made it tough. If anything though it's his style that would play into Hagler's hands ultimately.
Hagler was one of my favorite fighters and people in boxing...I just see Jake as unique he had the busy hands and fought tough and fast on the inside and had a subtle defense. Jake was a strong middleweight and he knew how to put on pressure. Close fight yes but I dont see Hamsho or Sibson being close to Jake and Jake stayed strong as the fight went on. However you made some good points
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