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Default Re: What if Gerry ****ey had somehow gotten lucky against Spinks?

Originally Posted by mr. magoo View Post
I think ****ey's people were really pushing for the Weaver fight. Had it come off, it probably would have been sometime in the late fall of 1981. ****ey had a good chance against Weaver in my opinion. Mike was a very slow starter who sometimes got in trouble early in fights, while ****ey was most dangerous in the first 3-4 rounds. Gerry also had a significant height and weight advantage. I wouldn't be surprised if a fight like that ended in similar fashion to the Lyle and Norton bouts...

Gerry had a much better chance vs Weaver for the resons you state and it may have been a needed confidence builder. Look what confidence did for fighters like Weaver after Holmes 1...Gerry had ***** but lacked confidence...people that know Gerry's history can understand why he did.
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