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Default Re: What if Gerry ****ey had somehow gotten lucky against Spinks?

Originally Posted by mr. magoo View Post
Let's pretend for a moment that Gerry ****ey actually showed up in great shape for the Michael Spinks fight in 1987. Of course, even a top form ****ey probably wouldn't have won, but let's say he landed a big shot and somehow managed to pull off a big win..

What do you think his next step would have been?

- would Mike Tyson have been his next fight, and do you think ****ey would go for it.

- Would he pull another disapearing act for several years, as he often tended to do.

- Would he have fought someone else in the interim, perhaps Biggs or Tucker, or maybe an obscure journeyman?

- Would he have permanantely called it quits?
The ****ey who beat Jimmy Young, Ron Lyle, and Ken Norton may indeed have beaten Mike Spinks. It's also possible that if ****ey had only had two or three tune ups in the year prior to fighting Spinks, he may have won. I'm not saying for sure, but it could have happened.

Anyway, if ****ey had beaten Spinks -- because of superior skill or because of a wild, lucky punch -- his next bout would have been Tyson. No two ways about it.

The consumer demand for Tyson vs. ****ey would have been too huge, plain and simple. There is no way that ****ey -- if he had beaten Spinks -- could have walked away from all that money.
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