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Default Re: The Moon-Galaxy Rivalry

right then after months of non stop hounding from Fleaman i have watched this fight (the rematch)

And can i thank Flea for telling me about it, it is one of the best displays i have ever seen and now one of my favrouite fights.

Early on i was impressed with Khaokers timing and movement. He got Moon to come forward landed his shots then stepped around to his right to open up a better angle and then was still in range to punch. Very impressive stuff.

His jab was very good keeping Moon off balance and setting up his other shots. Also his right hook was again very impressive especially to the body where he sometimes doubled it up to body then head. It was a fast hard punch that especially when he changed his angle. His straight left was particulary potent either after his right jab or hook it came straight down the middle in perfect time to catch Moon coming forward and this allowed Khaoker to step off at his angles as the long left kept Moon pinned down.

Later on in the fight Khaoker basically kept it up and started to throw more combinations. These combiations reminded me of Pnuematic Cylinders as he pumped them out fast, hard and with regular precision. These really did pin Moon down and when Khaoker l;anded his combination then changed angle and threw another combination i was blown away.

The later rounds were absouloute brillaint Moon just kept going and landed som heavy shots in the 10th but Khaoker came roaring back to nick the closest round of the fight (the 10th). The 11th was brilalint as Khaoker stepped his combos up and finally looked to be breaking down Moon forcing him to take a knee after some heavy Combinations rattled his way. Then another combo 30 seocnds later forced a standing 8 count but Khaoker couldnt finish him.

In the 12th Khaoker showed another dimension to his game working behind his jab and using excellant lateral movement to keep Moon at distance and go the full twelve. Nice fast movemnt to both sides behind a snappy jab.

Ovverall, an excellant display just 2 negatives seemed to lack the punch to keep Moon off him and only really got to Moon late afte beating him for 10 rounds prior to that. Although Moon is tough he hit him heaps. Also at times Galaxy was off balance as he moved to the sides and afew times ws caught off balance by the ever-trying Moon.
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