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Default Re: What if Gerry ****ey had somehow gotten lucky against Spinks?

Originally Posted by MRBILL View Post

OOOHHH!! Ouch........ ****ey was psyched after kayoing Norton in '81...... Yet, it 'twas misleading....... Larry Holmes brought team ****ey back down to Earth in 1982........

But yes, I agree 100%......... ****ey would've KO'd Mike Weaver in 1982.......

Holmes was too GREAT to lose to ****ey in 1982.......

Even though ****ey was rich and banging *****es and doin' lines of coke in 1986 / '87, I still thought he'd pound Mike Spinks enroute to a 4th round KO in 1987........ I lost money in a pool at work...... ARGH!!


The wacko twins were smart they went for the money they knew Gerry had substance problems his brother checked into rehab and Gerry had the same problems. I happen to know ****ey at the time and people close around him. Gerry was a mess. Gerry's father used to belittle him and tell him how worthless he was...Gerry never really thought of him self as worthy and he did have some losses in the lightheavyweight division a tko loss to Johnny Davis but I saw ****ey win as a middleweight and southpaw( great power) but Gerry was fragile on the recieving end. It was Holmes best win. Geryy was gangly but his left arm was freakish. I saw many of his fights and can attest to his power but he had one arm and was frail but may have had a shot to take a title had it not been a top form and carefull Holmes.
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