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Default Re: Taylor says he will unleash his new harsh side on Pavlik

Poor ole Jermain
He'll never be the same
After he fights The Ghost
They'll put him on milk and toast
They call him Bad Intentions Taylor
But when Kelly gets through
He'll be swishing around like a gay sailor

I'm taking Pavlik by a brutal KO in this one, and if Taylor tries to play the tough guy with Kelly this fight won't last more than 6 rounds. On the other hand, if Taylor tries to get on his bicycle and potshot his way to a decision, Kelly WILL catch him. The only real question for me is about Kelly's hand speed, or rather, lack of hand speed. Taylor might pull off the win IF he stays away from Pavlik as much as possible and can manage to keep Kelly from landing many flush shots. However, I think that Kelly will be able to catch him and land flush in the latter rounds, and it don't take many of those brutal freaking combinations to end the fight. There's a list of 28 guys you can ask about that!


I just want to remind you all that I jumped on the Pavlik band wagon back when he knocked out Bronco McKart; in other words, back when 90% of you dissed Bronco and said Kelly's destruction of the wily old south paw meant nothing!
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