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Default Re: Were your parents supportive?

my dad doesnt really care... he used to work for a boxer name Pete Muller(or something like that) who owned a deli and every once in a while Pete would set up a ring and have a huge block party, and my dad would fight in some of those, but it wasnt really amateur boxing, more like a hobby. He still loves to come early and watch me train a little bit. My mom on the other hand HATES it. It took me 2 years to convince her to let me start. Luckily, i talked to my moms mom and found out my great grandfather was a boxer, and i used that ad eventually she gave in. It was amazing because 2 of my 3 older brothers tried to convince her to allow them to box and neither succeeded. Now, my mom claims she wont watch me spar, but when my fights come she says she will be ready to watch.
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