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Default Re: Joan Guzman v Ali Funeka

OK, just to clarify, since concerns were raised to me via private message:

If you bet on somebody to win, and they don't, you have lost your stake.


A draw is not a "push". I understand that some actual bookies might treat them as such, but too bad. The VBookie system simply isn't set up that way. The only way to set it up that way would be to abandon the event in the case of a draw (all stakes returned). That's stupid. The fight took place, and you wagered on an outcome that didn't occur - it's a pretty cut and dry case of you losing. Besides, some people like to bet on the draw as a possible outcome. There's no way to have our cake and eat it too. If the draw is a betting option, then everybody who bets on a particular winner getting their vcash returned to them in case of a draw is not an option - in this particular system you will lose your stake if you bet on Fighter A or B and the fight is officially ruled a draw. Now you know.

In this case, had there been an Over/Under bet option included, obviously those betting on the Over would still have won (in addition to the few who picked "Draw"). Since they were all conditional bets, only the WINNING condition WINS. Woah, remarkable.

Thank you.
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