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Default Re: Taylor says he will unleash his new harsh side on Pavlik

[quote=dragosuhail]jermaine "bad intentions" taylor?

taylor never listens to his corner. bad mistake.
taylor has a worse defense than pavlik. bad mistake.
pavlik hits harder than all of taylors previous victims. bad mistake.
pavlik is bigger than taylor in reach, height. bad mistake.
taylor hates trading, pavlik likes it. bad mistake.
pavlik can box AND brawl. taylor smothers himself when he tries to brawl. most like cause he doesn't like it. bad mistake.
taylor's chin is suspect, pavlik's chin solid. bad mistake.
pavlik is hungry. taylor only wants pay checks. bad mistake.
taylor's power is dismal. bad mistake.
pavlik's stamina is superior. bad mistake.

Great Post!!! and all true. Go Pavlik!!!!
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