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Default Re: Hector Camacho 1982-1985

Originally Posted by lefthook31 View Post
Camacho had it all but power which held him back. He didnt like to get hit either, but he took a pretty good shalacking from Chavez.
I think Camacho could punch at JL he scored a lot of kos.He stopped super tough Bazooka limon for his first title and Also scored a one punch ko over contender John Montes who showed a good chin throughout his career after Camacho kod him. Tough Vinnie Pazienza once said that camacho could punch and that he underestimated his power. I think later in his career he was just always on his bike and didnt Commit to his punches like he did when he was younger.
In a interview with Ko magazine they insuated to him how he seemed to be safety first after the Rosario fight. His replie was "Are you trying to say that Rosario turned me into a *****" He didnt like to get hit and fought on his bike alot but he showed ***** and a great chin when ATGs like Trinidad,Delahoya and Chavez put beatings on him. Camacho was a great fighter and one of the top PFP GUYs for 3 years. But later was talented but 2nd tier fighter.
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