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Default Re: PugilistStudent's Training Log



10:00 jump rope
4x3 shadowboxing in the ring
2x3 shadowboxing
4x3 heavybag (left hand only for 3 rounds, mostly jab)
6x3 double end bag
3x3 "footwork bag)
1x30 light sparring

-this guy thats quite new was sparring another pretty new (to sparring) muscle head and he was just wailing on him and he outweighed him by alot. So to save this guy (hes got heart I'll give him that) I stepped in to spar. So thhe 30:00 was light with lots of short breaks, defense drills, counters, etc and I coached him and tried to teach him a few things. Tosh wants a really good sparring partner that can kick his ass so Im asking a pro mma fighter thats in my anatomy & resistance training classes to come spar him, hopefully hes got good stand up since Tosh is the best in the gym. It'll be cool if it happens.
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